Thursday, October 5, 2023

Falkrest Abbey Review

Hello All – It has been quite some time since we talked. There was this little pandemic that happened, and life got all crazy. I played a hell of a lot of D&D/OSE in that time, but kind of got discouraged with the community at large. I think there was a lot of stress going on and people were just being a bit savage online, and I didn’t like the negativity and just went off on my own. I stopped recording my games and posting to Youtube and stopped writing the blog. I just started gaming for gaming’s sake.

Times are a bit different now and I wanted to dip my toe back into the water especially since OSE is in a totally different place than when I first started writing. It has grown by leaps and bounds, products are rampant around the community, and it really has become a brand unto itself. I am proud of the community that has been built and the extremely small part I played in that construction. Anyways, enough of my prattle, lets dust off the keyboard and review a product that kicks ass.

Have you all seen Falkrest Abbey? What am I saying of course you have it is a Mithral Best Seller on DTRPG. For those of you living under a rock, you are generally missing out on, in this DM’s humble opinion, the best dealing in gaming. For ONE SINGLE DOLLAR, you can get this great adventure with all the trimmings. I go to my local Wawa and get a fountain drink and it is twice that amount. So for half a fountain drink in price, one can obtain a true gem of an adventure. You are crazy to not buy it. 

What do you get, you might ask? Well, quite a bit for a single dollar. A forty-page dungeon suited for low level play. The maps are done in an extremely clean fashion that allows the DM to immediately know what is going on. The layout of the entire book is in a fashion (now well respected) akin to the main OSE products and can only be also described as clean. To sum it up, this book is a DMs best friend as far as easy of use. I could easily run this without reading it beforehand and still be fine.

The content of the adventure is simple, but evocative. The abbey, once a holy place, was corrupted by a former abbot and it led to its ruin. The book comes with a few hooks if you want to use them and plenty of rumors about the abbey. I think this adventure is a great 2nd adventure for a party as characters around level two will find it appropriate. Also, I think the best hook can be done after a first adventure. The abbey is known for its healing waters, this gives you the opportunity to have it needed by the PCs. In the first adventure did one of your PCs get poisoned, diseased, or even die? Maybe a quest to get magical healing waters to bring them back. Maybe an NPC that helped them early on took a near fatal wound and the clock is ticking, only the magical waters of the abbey can save them. You can see the adventures write themselves with this.

The abbey itself and its background are generic enough that it can be squeezed into any setting, and you really could go gonzo with it if you like. Why not change the mythology slightly and this is a corrupted Jedi temple in a galaxy far, far away? Or a rumored safe place away from the toxic and irradiated wastelands in which they travel. With minor tweaking, you can use this in a variety of formats. Since this runs on the OSE/BX engine, it is about to be ported into White Star, Mutant Future, etc. 

Final say, get it if you have not already. If you have it, run it.

To purchase Falkrest Abbey click HERE.