Saturday, October 5, 2019

Old School Essentials Game Master Screen Inserts Review

                I was asked to do a favor for the Old School Essentials Kickstarter and be a tester for the GM screen inserts. I do want to qualify this review and say I was sent the product for free and it was to make sure that the printing was on target and quality. I am happy to say that this product is a great quality for the asking price. You are getting crisp, clear screen inserts with the trademark Necrotic Gnome layout. The art is striking and the colors really pop. They are printed through DriveThruRPG and the process took about 1 week including the shipping (for someone in America). They come in sturdy packaging shown below and are printed on a thick, semi-gloss cardstock. If you want to buy this product look here.

                I cannot stress enough how wonderfully these insert’s layout is and how easy they are to use at the table. I know that Gavin polled people in the OSE forums asking what tables they would like to see, so it was community input that helped in the design. While these are designed with OSE in mind, many OSR games could have this GM Screen and it would be an asset. Especially players of BX, BECMI, and Labyrinth Lord. The product will be released to the public soon, and if you have not considered getting one, you should take a look.

(Please note the camera on my phone is not very good, the color on the artwork is much better in person.)

If you have any questions on the product, I would be more than happy to answer them. Seek me out in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. How do you hold them together?

  2. They are inserts for a universal GM screen.