Wednesday, January 8, 2020

My $17 Treasure Haul

I discovered at my local hobby shop that they sell used RPG books. I was able to score some sweet deals over the holidays. They only charge half price of the original cover. Apparently a local gamer was moving to Japan and had to sell his collection, so the store bought it. It is two full Ikea bookshelves full of all sorts of goodness. I was able to snag a few choice items that I am listing below.

Books I Did Get

        I have been on the hunt for this one for awhile, and in fact had bid on it in an auction and lost only the day before. They could not find a listed price for it, so they sold it to me for $8. I told them it was more than fair and I appreciated it. I actually left that day and it was the only book that I purchased. I saw the two books below, but I did not get them. Over the week I was kicking myself for not getting the Arms & Equipment book, because it is great. The Complete Ranger Handbook is fun and full of great ideas and was more of a "I just want it purchase." So I went back to the store, which is 45 minutes away, just for these two books. For those two I was charged $9 in total, which is amazing.

Books I Did Not Get

         Below are pictures of books that I did not get, but caught my eye. The question is should I get them? You tell me. Many of them are from box sets, but are missing the box and the accompanying materials. Did I miss any gems?

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  1. In the words of one of my spiritual mentors: "NOOICE!"

  2. I would pick up the 2 Kara-Tur books, I'm not a big Dragnolance fan and I think the Guide Book to Taladas is part of a box set.

    Do you play or GM a lot of Star Wars? If so, I'd get both of those two.

  3. I have the Kara-Tur box set and I too would recommend picking up the first book, at least. I found the setting interesting.