Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The OSR Game Generator and Free Humanoid Adventure

People often ask, “What OSR game should I play,” or “I have so many OSR games, I don’t know which one to use?”  I have a small solution in the OSR Game Generator. Simply roll a d100 and you can make your decision about what to play as random as your game outcomes. This list is far from completely inclusive and I might add to it over time. I just thought I would put something fun out there and see if people want to use it!


         Also, I wanted to point out that Fen Orc used my Old School Essentials Humanoid classes to create a really cool little adventure, Bury My Tusk at Broken Jaw, and it is absolutely free. I think it is quite good and plan to run it with my crew soon. Please go over and check out his blog and this free adventure.

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  1. I notice you don't have Delving Deeper on this list. It's a pretty great emulation of od&d. I like it better than both White Box's. I know the earlier versions are free on Drivethru, but the 4th version is available on a lulu for a song.