Saturday, March 7, 2020

Happy Birthday to the Blog

               I cannot believe that it has been one year already. With cliché styling it seems like only yesterday I was writing my first post about breaking my D&D group. This initially started as an attempt to combat some personal demons and try and connect with the outside world a little bit. I was recommended to start blogging by my therapist as part of the process. I was literally paralyzed by the thought. It actually took me a month to write my first article due to massive fear. I am not exactly sure what the fear was attached, but it was there. Nowadays, I cannot wait to produce another article and truly enjoy the feedback that I get from them. With that I had about 75,000 hits in my first year, that is outstanding. In general the community is amazing and people are supportive and wonderful. Thanks to everyone that has made my small corner of the internet a great one for me.

                I wanted to write something a bit more grandiose due to the occasion, but currently my house is suffering from the flu. Due to the nature of my job I received a flu shot this year, but my wife and son did not. They are both currently suffering through it and I am doing a lot of nursing. I you wanted to get me a gift, though there isn’t a need, please just find your favorite post of mine, and share it in whatever way you choose. That does more for the blog then you would ever know. Once again thanks for everything, and I am hoping for an even better second year. Starting next week I am going to have a new series that I think everyone will love, more to come.

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday! If you'd like to celebrate, you can play my 1st level 5e solo adventure for free at I'd love to see what you think.