Wednesday, August 12, 2020

OSE Gamers Helping OSE Gamers


Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy: Rules Tome - Necrotic Gnome ...

           With the worldwide pandemic happening and a worldwide recession also happening for some I must imagine this Kickstarter has come at the worst time. What if those of us that are fortunate enough to still have a job chipped in to help those that are having a rough time? I honestly do not know what this looks like, I am just spit-balling an idea. In general, this would help the Kickstarter by adding money to it and possibly help some OSE gamers who have fallen on hard times. While I do not have piles of cash laying around my house, I am sure that I could afford a set of the new Advanced books to send to someone.



               I am an idea man, not a logistics man, so pulling this off would take some ideas from the community. I am sure we would need a way to pool the funds, place the orders, find those in need, and possibly vet those people as well. I would be interested to hear any ideas people have that are interested in the idea.


                I feel rather helpless during the pandemic. I live in Florida and I am a diabetic. I never venture from my house and it can really get you down. I guess this idea springs from the part of me that wants to try and do SOMETHING.

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