Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Old School Essentials - Barrowmaze on YouTube

     I have started a Twitch/YouTube with my current games. I am running OSE as the rules and Barrowmaze as the setting. The games are being conducted via Roll20 and they are nothing fancy. You see them from my perspective as the DM and you can see many of the resources I use throughout the games. Also, I play in a 5e game with my longtime friends that got me into AD&D when I was about 10. That game I am not running, but I am playing with my friend Mike as the DM. 

Here is episode #1, it was a little bit of a technical mess. We were getting use to the new technology. I have played on Roll20 a decent amount, but running games was a new proposition. We got into the story a bit, but if you want to skip to #2 you will not be too lost.

Here is episode #2 and I feel much better about this one. We get into some real action in the game and you can see how OSE and Barrowmaze really play out. I have run Barrowmaze in person before for about a year and have been running D&D most of my life. I hope I have a least some skill in the area. 

    As many know, I am a college professor and advisor. I also run a gaming club at the college for students. They were playing in my Barrowmaze campaign and we are going to try and pick up the game after a 6 month hiatus due to the virus. I plan to merge the games and have what happens in one, effect what happens in the other. We'll see how that works. I plan to let my group in the videos above have a bit more time in the Barrow Mounds before the other group comes back. My students will therefore be on a separate adventure for awhile before heading back to Helix.

Some are reporting not being able to see the videos above, if so, here is a direct link to the channel. Click HERE.

You can check out my full review of Barrowmaze by clicking HERE.

My Twitch channel for live videos is HERE.

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  1. These are great. Thank you for posting. As a fellow DM, I love seeing how other DMs run things in their games and I saw many things in your presentation and how you handle things.

    Keep them coming, love it!

  2. I am glad you like them, I hope to keep them going as much as I can!

  3. Thanks for making these and your Roll20 videos too. Really useful to see how BM and other OSR runs on VTT.

    Silly question, but I really liked the Ye Olde Fast Packs and Equipment list handouts - where did you get the jpeg/png for each of them? I know where the actual data and content came from but the formatting and layout seem to match Barrowmaze's perfectly and I've not been able to find that before.

    1. Thank you I am glad you are liking them. I used the snipping tool on my Barrowmaze PDF.