Thursday, September 10, 2020

Old School Essentials (OSE) - Barrowmaze #3 and Stonehell #1 on YouTube


               This week I am dropping two more videos for my Old School Essentials campaigns. Yes, the plural is correct. I went ahead and added a second game to my OSE list, this time it is the also infamous Stonehell. I am actually setting the two games in the same area and allowing them to effect one another. I am hoping to base one game out of Helix for Barrowmaze and I am setting up the other to be out of Bogtown for Stonehell. This way, down the line, I might have some crossover in the games and allow players to jump between them. We will see how it goes.

Barrowmaze #3

               This week the Magic-User was not able to show, but the group did manage to make it to the Barrowmoors and open another mound. They were waylaid by a set of zombies and almost did not make it out alive. I did have a GM mess up that I remembered after the game, Zombies always go last in combat. This could have changed things greatly for the party, so I plan to retcon a bit next week and give a special bonus to the group. I hope you enjoy it.

Stonehell #1

                This is an interesting situation. I was running a game for this group for about 6 months before the pandemic hit. We have not played since, because honestly I was a bit overwhelmed and also not comfortable with Roll20. This group consists of a Dwarf, a Half-Orc, and a Cleric. All of them are 3rd level and the only "new" character is the Cleric. The Cleric rolled AMAZING stats and was watched by all of us. I use 4d6, drop the lowest, in order and it was something amazing to be seen. I allowed him to carry over half his XP from a previous character that was eaten by goblins. 

               We had some technical issues and some learning curve with the players that are new to Roll20, but I think the game went smoothly. We got a late start due to having to get are ducks in a row and transferring characters into the Roll20 platform, but that is all before the recording. I am really excited about the Stonehell campaign and I want to see how it compares to Barrowmaze.

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