Friday, December 13, 2019

New Race as Class - Bugbear


Requirements: Minimum STR 12
Prime requisite: STR and CON
Hit Dice: 1d8
Armor: Leather, plus Shield
Weapons: Any
Languages: Common, Goblin

       These “Goblin Giants” are often merciless and cruel and for some adventuring parties that is exactly what they are looking for in a companion. Adventuring companies that are looking to hire on muscle that can also put fear into rival parties look to Bugbears. As long as Bugbears are getting good wages, good food, and good fights they are happy with their arrangements. Bugbears make surprisingly good scouts and can plot out an ambush with lethal efficiency. While not the most adept of warriors they make up for it with brute strength and cunning.

Brutal Thug
Bugbears are immensely strong for their relative size. They receive a +1 to all damage rolls.

Bugbears are extremely resilient and receive +1 hit point per level.

Bugbears have an uncanny ability to disappear from sight:

  • In dungeons, a bugbear can hide with a 90% chance of success.
  • In woods or undergrowth, a bugbear can hide in shadows or behind other forms of cover. The chance of success is 2-in-6.
  • Hiding requires the bugbear to be motionless.

When attacking an unaware opponent from behind, a bugbear receives a +4 bonus to hit and doubles any damage dealt

Bugbears have infravision to 60’.

Extreme Scorn
People who know the nature of the bugbear’s birth are often repulsed by their existence. If known, the bugbear will suffer a -2 penalty on Reaction Rolls with the target.

After reaching 6th the bugbear will attract a gang of goblinoids that will serve out of fear. The bugbear will have 3d6 goblin thugs and 1d6-1 hobgoblins lieutenants. The bugbear gang generally roams and does not set down roots, finding an abandoned dungeon or cave to make a base.

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