Monday, December 2, 2019

New Race as Class - Goblin


Requirements: Minimum DEX 9
Prime requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d4
Armor: Leather, Shield
Weapons: Dagger, Short Sword, Spear, Short Bow, Crossbow, Club
Languages: Common, Goblin

                These small humanoids make terrible adventures due to their cowardly nature, lack of physical prowess, and overall lack of any skill. This however does not prevent them from trying. Many goblin adventures have been ostracized from a large tribe of goblin and have found a way to latch onto an accepting party of adventurers. Many times the goblin in the party is used as a trap detector, walking 20’ ahead of the group.  

Pack Fighter
When a goblin is attacking the same creature as an ally in melee combat they receive a +1 to hit. When a goblin attacks a creature alone they receive a -1 to hit.

Defensive Bonus
Due to their small size, goblins gain a +2 bonus to Armor Class when attacked by large opponents (greater than human -sized).

Goblins have infravision to 60’.

Goblins have an uncanny ability to disappear from sight:
  • In woods or undergrowth, a goblin can hide with a 90% chance of success.
  • In dungeons, a goblin can hide in shadows or behind other forms of cover. The chance of success is 2-in-6. Hiding requires the goblin to be motionless.

People who know the nature of the goblin’s birth are often repulsed by their existence. If known, the goblin will suffer a -1 penalty on Reaction Rolls with the target.

P.S. I was talking with John Anthony and Michael Ramondeda on the OSE Facebook Group about some possible changes to the leveling. I originally had the goblin go to level 9, because I thought the idea of a goblin achieving naming level and being a Goblin King was cool. The idea was then floated, "Why does naming level HAVE to be 9th for goblins?" I wanted the level cap to be lower, but I also wanted a Goblin King name. Here is the compromise, which I like more. 

We saw that a Goblin King is usually about 3HD and 5d4 should be about equal. Here is a variant that is a bit more goblin-y to me. 

Also add the following rule:

Goblin Town
At 5th level the goblin achieves the status of Goblin King and can establish a lair with 5d10 goblin followers. These followers are only as loyal as they are afraid. If the PC shows any signs of weakness, it is possible another goblin will betray them.

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  1. Very clever idea. If I were to tweak it slightly, I'd give a goblin a bonus to saving throws against natural (as opposed to magical) poisons to reflect the bakstabbing and murderous squalor of goblin society. Maybe also allow them access to chainmail as an option for armour since an adventuring goblin is likely to become more prosperous than the ladz back in the cave and it gives the player a little more variety when playing one. Given their scrawny build, anything heavier than chain might be too encumbering. The penalty for 'pack fighter' isn't a feature of 'normal' goblins, but then I'd imagine a PC goblin isn't terribly comfortable being out on his own away from his tribe/clan/gang/mob.

  2. I did a little adjustment that added a it of flavor and the possibility of betrayal.

  3. I think this looks great! I'm not big on playing monsters as PCs but it would make a great NPC.

  4. I'm generally not too, but I just wanted to make something different to get the writing wheels rolling again.

  5. I used your classes for goblinoids (credited) in a little scenario called BURY MY TUSKS AT BROKEN JAW over at
    Thanks for the inspiration

  6. My newest post with the OSR Game Generator has a link to your blog.