Monday, December 16, 2019

New Race as Class - Orc


Requirements: Minimum STR 9
Prime requisite: STR
Hit Dice: 1d8
Armor: Chain, Shield
Weapons: Any
Languages: Common, Orcish

                Orcs are a warrior culture and are bred for battle. Orcs grow up rather rapidly and are expected to help with the tribal wars efforts at a young age. Thus, Orcs are exposed to battle for most of their lives. While most Orcs lack sophisticated battle strategy, they are often tactically intelligent. At times an Orc can break from their tribe in an effort to gather enough prowess to start their own tribe. This is where adventuring can come into play. Orcs can team with open-minded adventurers and start to make a name for themselves and gather riches. Eventually once the word spreads others will flock to their banner.

Any damage that an Orc deals to a foe that is over the amount needed to kill them can be applied to a different adjacent foe. This can be applied to as many foes as the damage allows. Use the same To Hit number for additional targets, if it would miss, you cannot Cleave.

When an Orc reaches 0 hit points they can roll a saving throw vs death, if they succeed they can continue to fight for one more round. After that round, if they are not healed, they will collapse and suffer the normal effects of reaching 0 hit points. If they fail the saving throw, they suffer the normal effects of reaching 0 hit points.

Orcs have infravision to 60’.

People who know the nature of the orc’s birth are often repulsed by their existence. If known, the orc will suffer a -1 penalty on Reaction Rolls with the target.

After reaching 6th the orc will attract a tribe of orcs that will serve out of respect for their martial prowess. The orc is now an Orc Warlord. The orc will have 4d6 orc clan warriors and 1d3-1 ogre lieutenants. The tribe can be mobile or settle down in an area that provides the ability to raid neighboring settlements.

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