Monday, July 29, 2019

My $30 OSR Treasure Haul

               I got lucky….extremely lucky. I went to a school function a few months back and met a woman randomly and we started to discuss gaming. I mentioned how I ran the “D&D” club at my college and she mentioned that she had some old D&D books. I told her how the old books are great and still very usable, and she mentioned that she would like to find a good home for them. I mentioned that I’d love to give them a new home, but then the conversation drifted towards work matters and I thought nothing of it.

Three months pass……

                I am going through my Facebook messenger and I see a message from someone I did not recognize. She said, “Are you the guy who runs D&D at the college?” I completely did not remember who this was or what it could be about, also the message was from early April and it is now late August. I take a stab and answer back apologizing for not seeing the message for a quarter of a year. 
               She asks if I am still interested in the old books, I say I’d love to see them. She then sends me pictures of the four books across back of the picture. There were three 1e books that appear in great shape, and a copy of a Role-Aids book that I did not recognize. She asks if I want them, I say certainly. She says how much I would be willing to pay. I’m currently broke, so I tell her I could possibly afford $30 for the lot. I did warn her that this was not what they are worth.  She says that is fine, she really wants them to be used again and 10 minutes later she says she’ll throw in all the rest in the picture for free. That is four box sets, creature book, old adventure, and character sheets. I could not believe it.

The Treasure Haul

What did I get exactly?

                Are they all in perfect condition? No. The creature catalog someone colored a bunch of the monsters, but I kind of love it. The box sets are all in various levels of not good, but nothing some love and tape cannot help. The Character Sheets are completely used, but I have someone’s complete characters over the years and it is fascinating to look at and see. Besides names in the covers, the hardbacks are in amazing shape. Dragons and O2 are in reasonable shape, definitely usable. Overall, it is a great score, and all came from a work function.

I went ahead and created a Facebook group for the blog, if you are interested the link is here.


  1. We make our own luck and you deserve that score, you lucky sob. ;)

  2. Awesome stuff man. I once got a crazy score when 3rd edition first came out. Someone essentially offloaded every 2nd edition thing they had at a used book store, I found it as they were pricing each thing and asked how much they wanted for all of it, $120 bucks. I walked away with pretty much every single book that was ever made for 2nd edition and every campaign setting with full maps and a full set of the trading cards in mint condition. I even got the complete 4 book set of the encyclopedia of magica. Sadly I lost a chunk of it in a flood and gave the rest to my sister.

  3. That is awesome, that is a ridiculous haul. Every 2e book and setting, wow.