Monday, September 2, 2019

New Monster for OSE and BX - Dandan


This magical sea creature is considered the biggest fish in the seas, the Dandan is 50’ long, brightly colored as a rainbow, and resembles a carp. Long rumored that anyone that can catch it is granted a wish.

Armor Class​ 1 [18]
Hit Dice​  14+2* (65hp)
Attacks​ 1 × bite 2d12
THAC0​ 9 [+10]
Movement Rate​ 180’ (60’)
Saves​ D4 W5 P6 B5 S8 (M14)
Morale​ 9
Alignment​ Neutral
XP for Defeating ​2300
Number Appearing​ 0 (1)
Treasure Type​ Nil

  • Swallow Ship: Dandan that attacks a ship that is less than 15’ long will swallow it on the roll of an 18 or more. The ship is considered destroyed, and the crew is in the creature’s stomach. Inside the stomach creature suffers 2d8 hit points of damage per round. Creatures inside must make a save vs paralysis or be paralysed. Creatures may attack the Dandan from inside at AC 4[15].
  • Swallow Person: Same as above but the roll is 15 or above.
  • Wish: If completely caught, but not killed, the Dandan will grant one wish upon its release.
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