Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Letters from the Edge - X-Cursions

I've been reading a lot of Over the Edge recently and I wanted to put a little something out for it. I am not completely satisfied with it, and I might come back to it and do a revision. I like the concept, I think I need to flesh it out a bit more. What do you think?

Are you looking for adventure?

Are you looking for fun?

How about some healthy competition?

Then X-Cursions is the place for you!

This virtual arcade is a place to travel to exotic locations and experience situations that will thrill and amaze. Here at X-Cursions we specialize in making your experiences as life-like as possible. Do you want to hunt an extinct species? How about dueling with a famous swordsmen? Try you luck with a shootout on an alien world. Anything and everything is possible at X-Cursions. Located conveniently in the Science District two blocks east of the university.

You can choose from one of the following packages:

The Valley of the Gwangi Experience - Dinosaur hunt, wrangle, and Bar-B-Q. Fun for all ages!

The Starship Troopers Experience – Travel to distant planets, battle aliens, and picnic. Child friendly!

The Geronimo Experience – Horseback ride through the desert, gunfight with cowboys and Indians, authentic campfire meal. Kids love this one!

The Caligula Experience – See the streets of a Roman-esque city, partake in gladiator combat, and stay for the “nightlife”. Ages 15+ without parental permission.

Satisfied Customers!

These are perfect for your office party, group outing, or child's birthday party (free cake included).

And Coming Soon!!!!

The 10th Voyage of Sinbad Experience – Arabia, Pirates, and more

The Doom Experience – Battle demons in a hellscape

Disclaimer: X-Cursions is not liable for any and all injury, death, hex, disease, body dislocation, butterfly effects, or soul transfer while our custom gaming rooms. Customer assumes all liability for actions in, out, after, and before entering the gaming area hitherto and hence forth, vis-à-vis, post hoc ergo proctor hoc. Amen.

Warning: The following personal items are prohibited from the gaming area: lighters, cameras, computers, Giger counters, anything resembling bees, actual bees, shoes that are too comfortable, gum, and keys. A locker will be provided to store any personal belongings before entering the arena. You will be provided with a virtual reality suit and visor, at no time are you to remove the suit or visor as this could result in spontaneous combustion.

Proviso: X-Cursions reserves the right to search any and all lockers at any time, for any reason.

Behind the Curtain

This location is run by a group of 4th dimensional beings that “simulate” different times and eras for customers to interact with and play. (The 4th dimensional beings have don’t have a name so much as an emotion.)  Many customers want to go on exotic adventures and hunt dinosaurs, travel to ancient cultures, or battle with beings beyond their comprehension. All of these experiences can be fulfilled, the only catch is that they are not actually simulations, they are all in alternative timelines. The 4th dimensional beings have decided in their infinite wisdom which timelines are valid, and which are invalid. Those that are invalid need to be “defragged” from the main system due to redundancy and before they are erased, they can be exploited. There can be no butterfly effect, due to it being a totally different timeline, in theory of course.
                Before entering the gaming area, the customers are required to put on a “VR suit and helmet” that allows the person to experience the custom world. In reality these devices are a form of protection to keep the clientele from being killed in the field, though accidents will happened. The helmets also provide “costumes” for the clients as when they look at one another, they appear in period/adventure appropriate clothing. When looking in a mirror why in the experience, the person might look like a 18th century explorer, or a cyberwarrior from the future. In reality, they are tourist dressed spandex with lights all over them.
It is not unusual for an organization to have a “company retreat” and play one of the experiences, and if one of the company’s bad apples is left behind…who would really notice? X-Cursions offers to their high end clients the ability to lose anyone or anything, one just needs to get the subject into the gaming area. This has been useful for more than one organization or cloak needing to dispose of a pesky body or ghost.

The founders of X-Cursions

                From the other side, all that the natives of the alternative timeline see is a group of spandex wearing, visor having, (often) drunks from another dimension, show up and start attacking their town or camps. Due to technological superiority, the customers are always at a decided advantage with the suits and visor helping them to aim, and providing near total protection. The horrors of the actual acts are countered with the ding of points that are being accrued with customers competing for first place. Remember it is all just a game.
                The 4th dimensional beings are aware of Chikutorpl presence on the Island and are on a cordial basis with the dimension hopper. They have had to discuss on occasion the “defragging” that is happening in the multiverse so that Chick’s investments are not wasted. Chick repays this information by promoting the service to their clients, and they even get a 10% discount if the customer they drops Chick’s name.
                What do the 4th dimensional beings get from this practice? Nothing. They just want an excuse to be on the Island in this particular timeline. There is something off about this timeline, and it has something to do with the Island, they want to be here when it happens. Though the 4th dimensional beings are not aware exactly what “it” is at this time.

Did you like it? Hate it? I hope to do some more with Over the Edge in the future, time will tell.

I went ahead and created a Facebook group for the blog, if you are interested the link is here.

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