Monday, September 2, 2019

New Monster for OSE and BX - Rakshasa


Evil spirits that have been encased in flesh. They appear to be a humanoid tiger with upside down hands. They are as brilliant as they are cruel and love the taste of human flesh.

Armor Class​ -3 [22]
Hit Dice​ 7+**** (32hp)
Attacks​ 2 × claw 1d3 1 x bite 1d4+1
THAC0​ 12 [+7]
Movement Rate​ 90’ (30’)
Saves​ D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (M7)
Morale​ 12
Alignment​ Chaotic
XP for Defeating ​2050
Number Appearing​ 1d4
Treasure Type​ F

  • Magical powers: Each can be used at will:

  1. Illusion: Visual and Audial. No Concentration required. Remains until touched or dispelled.
  2. Arcane Spells: Any 1st thru 3rd level spell.
  3. Divine Spells: Any 1st level spell.

  • Weapon Immunity: Cannot be harmed by non-magic weapons. Weapons that are not a +3 do only half damage.
  • Magic Immunity: Cannot be effected by any spell that is 5th level and below.
  • Weakness: A silver arrow blessed with a sacred ritual (not 1st level spell) will kill the Rakshasa in one hit.
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