Monday, September 2, 2019

New Monster for OSE - Werehyena


Created as Shaitan’s servants on the world these charming humans that can transform themselves into a large hyena (6’) form. They usually travel in packs of close-nit groups, looking to prey on easy targets.

Armor Class​ 5 [15]
Hit Dice​ 5+1* (23 hp)
Attacks​ 1 × weapon or 1 x bite 2d6
THAC0​ 14 [+5]
Movement Rate​ 60’ (20’)
Saves​ D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (M5)
Morale​ 8
Alignment​ Chaotic
XP for Defeating ​400
Number Appearing​ 2d6
Treasure Type​ Q x 10 each

  • This Charming Man: While in human form, the Werehyena can cause a humanoid to make a save vs spell, or become friends with the Werehyena at will. This is a natural ability and is cast via thought, not needing components and gestures. Once a person makes a save, they are immune to the charm until the next day. The spell will fade after 24 hours, but the victim will not know they were affected, they will believe they legitimately liked the caster at that point.
  • Magic Resistance: Werehyenas are immune to charm spells and any form of enchantment.
  • Lockjaw: When in Werehyena form a natural attack roll of 19 and above will cause the Werehyena to lock their jaws on the victim. Each subsequent round the victim will automatically suffer damage without an attack roll. If the victim tries to move, its movement is reduced by half and brings the Werehyena with them. Causing 10 hit points of damage will cause the Werehyena to let go.
  • Damage Immunity: Werehyenas can only be harmed by iron and magical weapons, or fire.
  • Escape Artist: These creatures cannot be tracked in the Werehyena form.
  • Pyrophobic: Werehyenas are frightened by fire, a torch can be used to keep them at bay. If over six points of damage is done to one via fire, it will automatically retreat.
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