Thursday, September 5, 2019

New Monster for OSE and BX - Al-Mi'Raj


Large rabbit with a 1’ horn sticking out of its head. Known for unusual behavior and the healing properties of its horn. Capable of using basic tactics to attack foes in packs.

Armor Class​ 6 [13]
Hit Dice​ 1+ (5 hp)
Attacks​ 1 × horn 1d4
THAC0​ 18 [+1]
Movement Rate​ 180’ (60’)
Saves​ D11 W12 P11 B14 S12 (MU6)
Morale​ 6
Alignment​  Neutral
XP for Defeating ​15
Number Appearing​ 2d10
Treasure Type​ Nil

  • Teleport: Once per day can teleport up to 360’.
  • Horn: Al-Mi’Raj horn is quite valuable and used in many potions, especially ones that cure poison. While attached to the Al-Mi'Raj they are immune to poison.
  • Temperament: Al-Mi’Raj can be confusing, aggressive one minute and timid the next. They cannot be called overly intelligent, but if captured they are highly receptive to training.
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