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Air Spells 2.0

Spells are for the revised Elemental Sorcerer 2.0.

Air Spells Revised 2.0

First Level
1. Compass of the Four Winds
2. Floating Disc
3. Feather Fall
4. Dolphin's Breath
5. Magic Missile
6. Leap

Second Level
1. Flying Dagger
2. Invisibility
3. Levitate
4. Planar Guide – Air
5. Dandelion's Grace
6. Words in the Wind

Third Level
1. Fly
2. Wind Wall
3. Gust Of Wind
4. Reveal the Invisible
5. Dispel Magic
6. Invisibility 10’ Radius

Fourth Level
1. Hallucinatory Terrain
2. Thunder Hammer
3. Dimension Door
4. Primordial Form – Air
5. Genie's Blessing – Air
6. Wizard's Eye

Fifth Level
1. Conjure Elemental – Air
2. Cloudkill
3. Magic Carpet Ride
4. Teleport
5. Wall of Tornadoes
6. Telekinesis

Sixth Level
1. Summon Wind Dragons
2. Invisible Stalker
3. Control Weather
4. Chain Lightning
5. Wind Tunnel
6. Smoke of the Sky Caliph's Pipe

Air Spell Descriptions

First Level Spells

Compass of the Four Winds

Range: 0
Duration: 12 Turns

By throwing a small amount of dirt mixed with spittle into the air, the cast receives an internal compass that is unerring. At the time of casting the Air Elementalist picks a direction (North, Southwest, etc) and the spell is now anchored. From this point until the duration ends, the caster will hear a sound in their ear when facing the anchored direction. 

Floating Disk

See OSE Magic Section

Magic Missile

See OSE Magic Section

Feather Fall 

Range: 240’
Duration: 6 rounds

When this spell is cast the target(s) assume the mass of a down feather. 
The rate at which a target(s) fall is 20’ per round and no damage can be caused by the fall. 
The spell will effect an area of 10’ x 10’ x 10’, but the maximum weight is equal to 2000 coins plus 2000 coins per level of the caster.
This spell can only be used on free-falling, flying, or propelled objects.


Range: Touch 
Duration: 6 Rounds

This spell when cast allows the caster to make one leap per round up to 30’ forward or horizontal, or 10’ backwards. Horizontal and backwards jumps do not have an arc only 2’ high.
Targets can still use their normal movement either before or after the leap.

Dolphin’s Breath

Range: 30’
Duration: Special

This spell is cast and it allows the target to double the amount of time they would normally be able to hold their breath before drowning. This spell can be cast while underwater.

Second Level Spells

Flying Dagger

Range: 120’
Duration: 6 rounds

This spell enables the Air Elementalist to animate their dagger and have it attack an opponent at range. By adding one of their own teardrops to the tip of the blade then releasing it the blade will seek out the target.
The dagger will move up to 60’ per round, and the caster must be able to see their target.
Dagger uses the wizards to hit bonus, but receives a bonus to hit of +2. For purposes of overcoming magical resistances the dagger counts as a +2 weapon. 
Due to that lack of force behind the blow, the dagger only does 1d3 damage.
Opponents can attack the weapon, it has an AC of 0(19) with 10 Hit Points.
Other bladed weapons can be used, but the wizard is at a -5 penalty to hit and the damage die is reduced one step with anything other than a dagger.
This spell requires the Elementalist to continue concentration in order to animate the blade. Once the spell is active, injury will not cause the caster to lose concentration, but unconsciousness or death will.


See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section

Planar Guide – Air

Duration: 12 Turns
Range: 30’

This summons a tiny elemental to assist the caster in mundane tasks, and guide them on the elemental’s home plane. The guide will take the form of a tiny mote of flame, cluster of pebbles, wisp of fog, or clear puddle. 
The servant must stay within 30’ feet of the caster at all times or will disappear. The guide will follow the caster’s commands without fail. The servant understands the caster’s language, but cannot speak.
The guide can complete mundane tasks like fetch, open doors, hold chairs, as well as chores. It can carry up to 200 coins of weight, and push up to 400 coins of weight on a smooth surface.
The guide cannot fight, and is destroyed if it takes 6 hit points of damage. 
The guide has unerring directions on its home plane and can direct the caster wherever they desire.

Dandelion’s Grace

Range: 60’
Duration: 6 Turns

The caster makes the target creature virtually weightless and able to be moved by the winds. If the target is not willing, they are able to make a saving throw versus spell to resist.
Targets can control altitude by raising and lowering themselves up to 60’ per round.
Targets cannot control forward movement if there is a wind present. They must attempt to anchor themselves or grabbing at a stable object.
The caster can effect up to one target per caster level, each target can weigh up to 1000 coins per caster level.

Words in the Wind

Range: 1 mile/level
Duration: Special

With this spell the Air Elementalist can send a short message via a small zephyr to a known location. Once the zephyr is in range of the location it will whisper the message even if no one is around to hear it.
The message is limited to 25 words.
Cannot be used to cast a spell.
Travels anywhere between 1 mile per round or per turn, the caster’s choice.
The caster must be familiar with the location in order to cast the spell.

Third Level Spells


See OSE Magic Section

Dispel Magic

See OSE Magic Section

Invisibility 10’ Radius

See OSE Magic Section

Wind Wall

Range: 120’
Duration: 1 turn

This spell creates a curtain of wind that is roughly 2’ thick and of a considerable strength. Flying creatures smaller than an eagle will be blow away and people that are not expecting the spell will have small objects torn from their hands. Insects are unable to cross through the barrier.
Insects, arrows, and bolts are unable to cross through the barrier. Heavier missile weapons can pass through at a -4 penalty to hit.
Gases, most breath weapons, and creatures in a gaseous form cannot pass the wall. 
The wall is 10’ x 5’ per level of the caster.

Gust of Wind

Range: 0
Duration: 1 round

This spell creates a strong burst of air that travels straight away from the caster. This burst of air is equivalent to about 30 mph (50 kph). 
The gust can extinguish small flames up to a torch. Protected flames, like a lantern, have a 5% chance per level of the caster of going out.
Larger fires are fanned 1d6 feet towards the direction of the burst.
Small flying creatures are pushed back 1d6 x 30’, man size flying creatures are held still, and large flying creatures’ movement is cut in half.
Blows over light objects, disperses vapors, and repels gaseous and unsecured levitating creatures.
The path of the burst is 10’ wide and 30’ long per level of the caster.

Reveal the Invisible

Range: 90’
Duration: 6 Turns

This spell when cast creates an area (10’ x 10’) in which any creature or object that is invisible, will be revealed. Creatures or objects brought into the area and are invisible will be revealed, but if they leave will return to being invisible. 
Creatures whose natural state is invisible (like an Invisible Stalker) are unaffected by this spell.

Fourth Level Spells

Hallucinatory Terrain (Called Create Mirage)

See OSE Magic Section

Dimensional Door

See OSE Magic Section

Wizard’s Eye

See OSE Magic Section

Thunder Hammer

Range: 0
Duration: 1 Turn

This spells allows the caster to create a hammer made of pure wind and thunder to extend from their hand. The hammer does not actually take up space, and the caster can still hold and object in their hand, though they cannot use the hammer and another weapon in the same hand. The hammer can be retracted into the caster’s arm, and extend out at will.
The hammer deals 4d4 Hit Points of bludgeoning damage, and the caster is able to use the weapon, even if not ordinarily able to use hammers.
The hammer treats all non-flying targets as if they had an AC of 9(11). If the target is flying, its AC is normal.
It will not harm creatures that can only be struck by magical weapons.
The hammer will disappear if the caster attempts a new spell, but can activate magic items. The spell is also broken if the caster is knocked unconscious or dies.
Each time the hammer hits, it creates it sounds of a thunder crack.

Primordial Form - Water

Duration: 1 hour
Range: Creature Touched

The caster or one creature that is touched takes on the visage of a planar air elemental. If the target is unwilling, they can make a saving throw versus spell to negate. A bit of the essence of a Djinn is required to casts this spell.
The target of the spell can move through air without damage or penalty. They also move at a rate of 60’(20’).
The caster keeps all of their statistics except for their AC become 4(16), unless it is better. They also can use their hands as weapons that do 1d8 damage.

Genie’s Blessing – Air

Duration: 1 hour/level
Range: Touch

This spell can be cast on one creature per level of the caster and it allows them to suffer no ill effects from traveling in the Elemental Plane of Air. This blessing can be bestowed by any of the types of genies, and it extends the duration to an entire week.
This spell is a ritual that takes one turn to cast. The caster must kiss the forehead of all recipients and sprinkle them with sulfur.

Fifth Level Spells

Conjure Elemental – Air Elemental Only

See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section

Magic Carpet Ride

Range: Touch
Duration: 18 Turns

This spell creates a magic carpet ride that is made of glowing supernatural force. At the time of casting, the Air Elementalist can choose themselves, or touch another to be the “pilot” of the carpet giving them indescribable feelings. 
The carpet is 1 square foot per level of the caster, and can hold 1000 coins of weight per level of the caster.
The carpet moves at 300’ per round and is highly maneuverable.
In combat the carpet can be destroyed with dispel magic, or with damage. The carpet has 5 hit points per level of the caster, and an AC 7(13).
If the “pilot” is killed or knocked unconscious, the carpet will fade away.
The carpet has a bubble of protection from wind, air, and storm elements. The bubble extends all around the carpet and is as tall as the “pilot”. The carpet cannot be effected by air-based effects at all, in fact the carpet could sit in the middle of a tornado and not be bothered.

Wall of Tornadoes

Range: 120’
Duration: 12 Rounds
The sorcerer weaves together strands of wind into a swirling mass that is extremely hard to penetrate. The wall is 30’ in length and height, and 2’ thick.
Magical and nonmagical creatures cannot pass through the wall. 
Nonmagical weapons cannot pass through the wall.
Gas clouds and whirlwinds cannot pass through the wall.
Moveable objects of force and prismatic effects cannot pass through the wall.
Pure magical attacks, those without solid form, will penetrate the wall. Examples include: Magic Missiles, Lightning Bolts, and Fireball.
Solid objects enchanted by magic will not pass through the wall.
The caster does not have to concentrate on the wall, and can dispel it at will.

Sixth Level Spells

Control Weather

See OSE Magic Section

Invisible Stalker 

See OSE Magic Section

Chain Lightning

Range: 90’
Duration: Instant

One of the most potent spells in an Air Elementalist arsenal, this spell attacks multiple enemies with a powerful lighting attack. The bolt of lightning 2’ wide strikes a target creature or object, then immediately jumps to the next closest target and continues until it dissipates. Any creature struck by the bolt can make a saving throw versus spell in order to half the damage.
The initial bolt will do12d6 hit points of damage, then jump to the closest person or object doing one die less of damage. It will continue this pattern until it runs out of dice, or moves out of range.
If multiple targets are closest, the DM will randomize which way the bolt goes. 
The same target can be hit more than once, but never twice in a row. Each time the target gets a save versus spell for half damage.

Wind Tunnel

Range: 0
Duration: 5 rounds

The caster creates a forceful, continuous tunnel of air. The tunnel is 10’ wide and 10’ per level in length. Anyone caught in the tunnel is forced back equal to their base movement score directly away from the caster. The target(s) cannot move close to the caster while in the tunnel. 
The caster can reposition the tunnel each round as long as they maintain their concentration.

Smoke of the Sky Caliph’s Pipe

Range: 90’
Duration: 5 Rounds

The dark, vile smoke pours from the caster’s mouth and forms a 20’ radius sphere. Those caught in the smoke are allowed a save versus poison for half damage.
The smoke is so dark that those in it are blinded, including those with infravision.
Those caught in the smoke will take 6d4 hit points of damage per round.
The smoke cannot be blow away or burned away.
Creatures that are immune to poison are not able to be damaged by the spell.
The smoke is heavier than air and will try to find the lowest level to settle upon.

Summon Wind Dragons

Range: 240’
Duration: 2 Turns

An Air Elementalist can choose to summon 1 to 10 “wind dragons” with this spell. They are not actual dragons but small whirlwinds that are 5’ in diameter that move with the mental commands of the caster. The dragons lash out at opponents which get a saving throw versus spell for half damage. 
The whirlwinds move up to 240’ per round in any direction including vertically, and strike a target as a 14th Fighter that does 4d4 Hit Points of damage.
The caster can direct the whirlwinds at different targets.

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