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Fire Spells 2.0

Spells are for the revised Elemental Sorcerer 2.0.

Fire Spells Revised 2.0

First Level
1. Candle of Truth
2. Control Flames
3. Burning Hands
4. Terra Ignis
5. Dancing Lights
6. Light

Second Level
1. Sun Burst
2. Sun Shade
3. Flaming Sphere
4. Continual Light
5. Planar Guide – Fire
6. Efreeti Skin

Third Level
1. Fireball
2. Scorch
3. Infravision
4. Flame Fist
5. Dispel Magic
6. Fire Script

Fourth Level
1. Wall of Fire
2. Hell Fire
3. Strengthen Fire Creatures*
4. Primordial Form – Fire
5. Genie's Blessing – Fire
6. Allure of the Flame

Fifth Level
1. Fire Saluqui
2. Conjure Elemental - Fire
3. Animate Dead (Reignite the Spark)
4. Oasis Mirage
5. Contact Higher Plane
6. Talos Finger

Sixth Level
1. Candle of Justice
2. Fireproof
3. Disintegrate
4. Summon Fire Dragons
5. Death Spell
6. Flaming Tongue of the Serpent King
Fire Spell Descriptions

First Level Spells

Control Flames

Duration: 1 Turn
Range: 10’

The spell allows the Fire Elementalist to increase or decrease the intensity of an already existing flame. The wizard can increase a flame to a bonfire size (5’ diameter) or reduce it to the size of a match. This will increase and decrease the amount of light in the area, and the rate of consumption. This will not affect the heat output of the flame.

Burning Hands

Duration: Instant
Range: 0’

The Fire Elementalist casts this spell by placing his hands together in a wide, fanning arc as flames spring forth.
All creatures directly in front of the wizard will take 1 Hit Point of damage per level of the caster.
All flammable items touched by the fire will burn.

Candle of Truth 

Duration: 1 Turn
Range 15’

The Fire Elementalist can create a special candle that will continue to burn as long as the target does not lie.
The candle will continue to burn if the target is telling the truth. If the target tells a half-truth or slight deception, the flame begins to flicker. If the target outright lies, the flame will be snuffed and the spell is ended.
The spell lasts 1 turn or 10 questions, whichever comes first.
The target does not get a saving throw, but is not compelled to speak.
Magic specifically designed to make lies undetectable will fool the candle.
Only the Fire Elementalist can ask the target the questions.
The Fire Elementalist can create the candle with the wax from Giant Bees, and 100 GP of materials.
The candle can often be bought from holy men for 300 GP.

Terra Ignis

Duration: 6 Turns/level
Range: Touch

This spell turns a handful of dirt/sand into a flammable substance. The sand takes on all the properties of lamp oil, that will continue to burn for the duration of the spell. 
The sand can be used to make a campfire, or a flask of oil projectile weapon. In order to use as a weapon, and attack roll is needed, and then the sand must be ignited.
The flames are odorless/colorless, and if used as a campfire cannot be extinguished by wind, water, or a lack of air.

Dancing Lights (From OSE Druid and Illusionist Spells)

Duration: 1 Turn
Range: 40’ + 10’ per level

Lights under the caster’s control are conjured and may be directed to move anywhere within range. The caster may choose to conjure one of the following types of light:
Torches: 1-4 lights that resemble torches or lanterns, casting the appropriate volume of light.
Spheres: 1-4 glowing spheres, resembling will-o-the-wisps.
Humaniods: A single, glowing, humanoid form.


See OSE Magic Section

Second Level Spells   

Sun Shade

Duration: 3 Turns
Range: Touch

Casting this spell enables the Fire Elementalist to protect themselves and others from harmful light, color, and illusion effects.
The target see through natural blinding sunlight and heat shimmers.
The target can see through mirages and common illusions (up to 4th level).
The target gains a +4 saving throw bonus versus any visual spell that is related to color, heat, or fire.
The target is immune to the spells Light, Continual Light, and Sun Burst.
The target is immune to reflected light, like off a mirror or reflective shield.

Sun Burst

Duration: 2d4 rounds
Range 15’

The Fire Elementalist can create spheres of light that move swiftly towards the target and blind them for a time unless they make a saving throw versus spell.
The spell can only be cast in full daylight, or in the presence of magic that replicates full daylight like Continual Light.
The spell will effect 1 target per level of the caster, all must be within 15’ radius.
Targets that fail the saving throw will be blinded for 2d4 rounds.
It will not affect targets that are blind, or do not rely on sight.
Undead that fail the save are not blind, but the light cause an irritation that disturbs their connection to the Negative Plane. Undead will have a 4 point penalty to AC, and a -2 penalty to all attacks for 2d4 rounds.

Flaming Sphere

Duration: 6 Rounds
Range: 30’

The Fire Elementalist creates a large ball of flame and can move it around at their will. Anyone that comes into contact with the sphere will make a saving throw versus spell to not be hit.
The Fire Elementalist can conjure the sphere anywhere within 30’ of themselves. With concentration each round they can move the sphere up to 30’, but must stay within 30’ of the caster.
While concentrating on Flaming Sphere, the wizard cannot cast another spell, move more than 10’ in a round, or take damage, otherwise the spell is broken.
Each target that the sphere passes over will need to make a saving throw vs spell or take 2d4 Hit Points of damage.
If at the beginning of a targets turn they are next to the sphere they need to make a saving throw versus spell or take 1d4 points of damage.
Flammable objects that come into contact with the sphere will ignite.
The sphere does not have mass and cannot push objects or people.
The DM may impose penalties for the saving throw if there is little area to move out of the way of the sphere, like a very narrow hallway or a closet.

Continual Light

See OSE Magic Section

Efreeti Skin

Duration: Speical
Range: 60’

This curse makes 1-4 creature’s skin begin to burn with an increasing level of irritation. The targets can make a saving throw versus spell to negate the effects.
Targets that have a natural thick skin, like elephants, or creatures from the Elemental Plane of Fire are immune.
If a target fails the saving throw they can choose to take two different actions. If they spend the next turn doing nothing but scratching themselves, the spell effect ends. If they choose to do anything other than scratch themselves, the current round and for the next 3 rounds, they will have a 3 point AC penalty, and attack rolls are reduce by 2.
If the caster targets 1 creature, the saving throw has a -2 penalty. If the caster targets 2 creatures, the saving throw has a -1 penalty. If the caster targets 3 or 4 targets, the saving throw is normal.

Planar Guide – Fire

Duration: 12 Turns
Range: 30’

This summons a tiny elemental to assist the caster in mundane tasks, and guide them on the elemental’s home plane. The guide will take the form of a tiny mote of flame, cluster of pebbles, wisp of fog, or clear puddle. 
The servant must stay within 30’ feet of the caster at all times or will disappear. The guide will follow the caster’s commands without fail. The servant understands the caster’s language, but cannot speak.
The guide can complete mundane tasks like fetch, open doors, hold chairs, as well as chores. It can carry up to 200 coins of weight, and push up to 400 coins of weight on a smooth surface.
The guide cannot fight, and is destroyed if it takes 6 hit points of damage. 
The guide has unerring directions on its home plane and can direct the caster wherever they desire.

Third Level Spells


See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section

Dispel Magic

See OSE Magic Section


Duration: Instant
Range: 150’

The Fire Elementalist creates a blast of intense heat that flows from their hand that strikes a visible target.
The blast hits unerringly (no attack roll or saving throw required).
The blast does 6d4 Hit Points of damage. The blast will 2d4 additional Hit Points of damage if target is wearing metal armor, or touching a metal object that is bigger than a sword, including a shield.
The blast cannot go through water, this includes rain or fog.

Flame Fist

Duration: 1 Turn
Range: 0’

When this spell is cast it causes the Elementalist arms to ignite with flames which they can use to attack their enemies. The caster must crumple a lump of coal in their hands in order to cast this spell.
The spell is cast and the fire begins to flow up the caster’s arms for 2 rounds. While this is happening, the Elementalist cannot do anything or take damage, otherwise the spell is disrupted.
The caster need only touch a creature and the fires leap forward and explode, thus the attack ignores armor. This causes 1d6+1 hit points of damage, and causes a saving throw vs poison due to the smoke and coughing. If failed, the target is helpless for 1d4+1 rounds. If they succeed the save, the choking is avoided.

Fire Script

Duration: Special
Range: Touch

The spell infuses any form of writing with fire from the Elemental Plane of Fire. If anyone that the Sorcerer does not specify upon casting attempts to read the material, the words will explode.
Thieves attempting to detect the script as a trap has a 5% penalty per level of the caster. The lowest it can reduce the thief’s skill to is 5%.
If the spell is triggered it does 6d4+6 hit points of damage to all creatures within 10’ of the enchanted item, with no saving throw. The spell lasts until the caster removes the enchantment, a dispel magic is cast upon it, or it is triggered.
The spell will destroy the item that it enchants, unless it is protected against fire.

Fourth Level Spells

Wall of Fire

See OSE Magic Section

Hell Fire

Duration: Instant
Range: 240’

Flame streaks towards a point within range and detonates in a 20’ radius sphere.
Targets caught in the Hell Fire suffer 1d6 hit points of damage per level of the caster, with a successful save versus spell indicating half damage. 
The caster and his possessions are immune to the effects of this spell.

Strengthen Fire Creature 

Range: 120’
Duration: 1 Turn

This spell enhances creatures of a fiery nature making them look and act in a tougher manner.
The spell can only target creatures that dwell in fire or can manipulate fire, or are native to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Examples include: Red Dragons, Hell Hounds, Efreeti, and Fire Elementals. This does not include creatures that can merely cast fire-based magic, including Fire Elementalist.
Targets of the spell get a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage. If the target does multiple dice of damage, it gets a +1 to damage per die rolled.
Creatures that are native to the Elemental Plane of Fire gain a +1 to Hit Points per Hit Die of the creature.
This spell is reversible and is called Weaken Fire Creature.

Primordial Form - Fire

Duration: 1 hour
Range: Creature Touched

The caster or one creature that is touched takes on the visage of a planar fire elemental. If the target is unwilling, they can make a saving throw versus spell to negate. A bit of the essence of an Efreeti is required to casts this spell.
The target of the spell can move through fire without damage or penalty. They also move at a rate of 60’(20’).
The caster keeps all of their statistics except for their AC become 4(16), unless it is better. They also can use their hands as weapons that do 1d8 damage.

Genie’s Blessing – Fire

Duration: 1 hour/level
Range: Touch

This spell can be cast on one creature per level of the caster and it allows them to suffer no ill effects from traveling in the Elemental Plane of Fire. This blessing can be bestowed by any of the types of genies, and it extends the duration to an entire week.
This spell is a ritual that takes one turn to cast. The caster must kiss the forehead of all recipients and sprinkle them with sulfur.

Allure of the Flame

Duration: 2 Turns
Range: 30’

The Elementalist enchants a normal flame to make it utterly hypnotic to anyone within 15’ who view it. All victims of the spell are allowed a saving throw versus magic to negate the effects.
Creatures who fail the saving throw stare at the flames, transfixed and motionless. The caster can give the group a suggestion that is 12 words or less, but this gives the victims a second saving throw versus spell with a -3 penalty, or the effects are negated.
The charm will continue as long as the victim can see the fire, or the duration is over.

Fifth Level Spells

Animate Dead (Called Reignite the Spark)

See OSE Magic Section

Conjure Elemental – Fire Elemental Only

See OSE Magic Section

Contact Higher Plane

See OSE Magic Section

Fire Saluqui

Range: 240’
Duration: 3 Turns

The Elementalist creates a saluqui (a desert greyhound) made of pure fire to track a target.
The Elementalist creates the saluqui and gives it a description of the target. The description can be a name or a physical description (e.i. “the man with the red turban I saw at the market” or “the person who stole the fighters coin purse”)
If the target has been in the range of the spell in the last 24 hours, the saluqui will begin to track them down. If the target was not in range, the saluqui will disappear. The saluqui can move at a speed up to 240’ per round for the spell’s duration. 
The hound cannot track or move across water, or be used in heavy rain. It can also snuffed out by having large amounts of earth pushed on top of it, or by and extreme gust of wind. 
If the target teleports or travels to another dimension, the saluqui will travel to that spot and run in circles.

Talos Finger

Duration: 1 Turn
Range: 90’

Elementalist summons raw uncontrolled power of the Elemental Plane of Fire. This dimensional rift takes the form of a 5’ diameter tornado, which is 8’ tall and made of pure flame and chaotic energies. The Elementalism tries to command the energies, but can lose control. Any creature touched by the tornado can make a saving throw versus spell.
The Sorcerer can attempt to control the movement of the tornado up to 60’ per round. This only has a 50% chance of working, otherwise the tornado moves 1d12 x 5’ in a random direction.
The elemental rift can pass over objects that it is bigger than, otherwise is blocked.
Any creature that the tornado passes over takes 1d6 hit points of damage per level of the caster with a saving throw versus magic for half. Each time the rift hits a creature roll 1d10, on a roll of a 1 the rift collapses in on itself.
The caster cannot end the spell early, and if their concentration is broken they can no longer attempt to control the tornado, it will only move randomly.

Oasis Mirage

Duration: 1 Turn
Range: 240’

Using the desert heat, the caster enhances an area’s natural ability to produce a mirage of an oasis and make it indistinguishable from the real thing. Observers are allowed to make a saving throw versus magic to negate the effect.
This spell creates visual, auditory, and olfactory illusions of an oasis. It will also cover an area of 5’ x 5’ x 5’ per level of the caster.
The illusion will not be dispelled until someone attempts to drink from the “oasis”. 

Sixth Level Spells


See OSE Magic Section

Death Spell

See OSE Magic Section


Range: Touch
Duration: 12 Turns

The target of this spell can be a person or an object and they gain full immunity from normal fires and extra protection from magical fires.
Immunity to normal fires including molten lava and bonfires.
Fire based breath weapons do -1 hit points of damage per die.
Target receives +2 bonus to saving throws versus magical fire.
If the target is an object it is immune to both normal and magical fire for the duration.

Candle of Justice

Range: 30’
Duration: 1 Turn

This spell is a more powerful version of the 1st level spell, Candle of Truth. The spell works in the same fashion as Candle of Truth, with 2 important differences. The Fire Elementalist can create a special candle that will help in extracting a confession from the target.
The candle will continue to burn if the target is telling the truth. The first time the target lies a part of their body bursts into flame causing 1d6 damage. Each additional untruth causes an additional die of damage. The 2nd lie is 2d6, the 3rd is 3d6, and so on. The target can make a saving throw for half damage.
With this version of the spell, “truth” is determined by the caster. If the caster believes something to be true, even if it is not, and the answer is incorrect the victim will suffer the effects of a lie. Ignorance of the “truth” or silence will be considered a lie. Half-truths and even outright lies can spare the effects, as long as the caster believes them true.
The spell lasts 1 turn or 10 questions, whichever comes first.
Only the Fire Elementalist can ask the target the questions.
The Fire Elementalist can create the candle with the wax from Giant Bees, and 100 GP of materials.
The candle can often be bought from holy men for 300 GP.

Summon Fire Dragons

Range: 240’
Duration: 2 Turns

A Fire Elementalist can choose to summon 1 to 10 “fire dragons” with this spell. They are not actual dragons but small pillars of flame that are 5’ in diameter that move with the mental commands of the caster. The dragons lash out at opponents which get a saving throw versus spell for half damage. 
The pillars move up to 120’ per round and strike a target up to 10’ vertically, as a 14th Fighter that does 4d6 Hit Points of damage.
The caster can direct the pillars at different targets.

Flaming Tongue of the Serpent King

Duration: 1 Turn
Range: 120’

From any existing source of fire, an Elementalist can focus on a Red Dragon scale and summon forth a 10’ long flaming tendril of fire. The tendril can lash out at a creature within 20’ and attempt to wrap them up. A saving throw versus magic can prevent being restrained.
The tendril has and AC of 6(14) and a +2 magical weapon is needed to harm it. It has double the hit points of the caster.
If the saving throw succeeds the target suffers 1d6 hit points of damage.
If the saving throw fails the target is entangled and suffers 3d6 hit points of damage per round, until the tendril is destroyed. 

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