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New Class for Basic D&D and OSE - Elemental Sorcerer

Elemental Sorcerer

Requirements: Minimum INT 9
Prime requisite: INT
Hit Dice: 1d4
Armor: None
Weapons: Dagger
Languages: Common, Planar Language Primary Element

               Elemental Sorcerers have dedicated themselves to mastering one of nature’s elements through magic. Elemental Sorcerers have thrown off the conventional wisdom of traditional magic and gone their own way. In fact, most Elemental Sorcerers would say you really cannot truly learn their magic in a school or library, only in nature itself. In the Sorcerer’s worldview all magic falls into two major categories, universal magic and elemental magic. Elemental magic is further divided into the four major elements; Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. 
Among their own, the Sorcerers are often at odds with one another. Conflicts that originate in the Elemental Planes can spill into the Prime Material Plane. They will though not tolerate outsiders, especially practitioners of traditional magic, treating one of the Elementalist with disrespect. This professional rivalry between the traditional magic users and Elemental Sorcerers is as old as magic itself. You can often find many Sorcerers working with the populace in given professions. Water Sorcerers often are working aboard ships and on the docks, Earth Sorcerers are often farming and helping in construction projects, Air Sorcerers are often work with messengers and traders, and Fire Sorcerers are often work with the military and mercenaries. 
              Often, but not always, Elemental Sorcerers are not members of the predominate faith of the land. They harken back to a time before the Prophet and her message and choose to worship the old, primordial deities of nature. These ancient forces where once worshiped widely in the world in days gone by, but not the civilizing nature of the Holy Scriptures is the norm. While this is not a crime, it can put them at odds with the People of Faith where they live. They often do not heed the words of the Holy Scriptures and deal with other planar entities in their search for total mastery over the elemental forces of the universe.

Brotherhood of the Sacred Flame

Prime requisites: A Sorcerer with at least 13 INT receives a 5% bonus to experience points, if they have a 16 INT they receive a 10% bonus to experience points.

Alignment: Any

Ramal Wanderer

Primary Specialization

Elemental Sorcerers must pick one of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, this is their primary element. That selection will dictate their ability to gain spells and they may only pick spells from the Universal Magic List and their primary element. They may not learn spells from any other elemental spell list.

Elemental Resistance
Sorcerers resists their studied element better than most. Any saving throw that a Sorcerer has to make from their primary element receives a +2 bonus. Any damage that the Sorcerer receives from their primary element does 1 less damage per die (minimum 1 damage). The damage die reduction is completed before any possible reduction from a saving throw.

Elemental Weakness

Elemental Sorcerers with their focus in one particular element leaves them particularly vulnerable to attacks from their elemental opposite. Earth and Air are opposites, as are Water and Fire. When an Elemental Sorcerer is effected by a spell from an opposite element they have a -2 penalty to saving throws.

Primordial Force
Sorcerers are extremely powerful with their primary element and often can cast the spells with higher efficiency than traditional magicians. When a Sorcerer casts a spell in their primary element that inflicts damage, the damage is increased 1 point per die rolled.

Fundamental Knowledge
If using the optional rule, Spell Books and Learning Spells, the Sorcerer get a bonus 20% to learning spells from their primary element. This focus comes at a cost, and they get a 10% penalty to learn any universal spells, also they cannot learn the spells of another element that is not their primary element.

Item Aversion 
Elemental Sorcerers cannot use any magic item, scroll, or potion that mimics the effects of a non-primary elemental spell. Thus, a Water Elementalist cannot use a Wand of Fireballs or a Potion of Flight.

Expanded Spell Proficiency 
Each spell level that the Sorcerer gains they can add one additional spell to their spellbook from their primary element spell list of an appropriate level. The Sorcerer can also memorize one additional primary elemental spell (not Universal Spell) per spell level achieved. 

Novitiate of the Marid's Pearl

Brand New Spells!!!

               I have created a new set of spell lists for each of the Elemental Sorcerers that has some of the spells from the classic Magic User list, but also new spells that have not been seen in BX/OSE yet. Please check them out, they are what truly adds flavor to the class. This is a very close adaption of the Elemental Mage from the Al-Qadim setting, which I know and love. Please click the links below.

Master Spell List for Elemental Sorcerers

Fire Spell Descriptions
Water Spells Descriptions
Air Spells Descriptions
Earth Spells Descriptions

*Please note that the standard Magic User Class can learn spells from any of the Elemental Lists, and their normal list as well. This gives them a versatility that the Sorcerer cannot hope to achieve. 

A Sky Dancer

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