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Earth Spells 2.0

Spells are for the revised Elemental Sorcerer 2.0.

Earth Spells Revised 2.0

First Level 
1. Earthen Dagger
2. Sandman’s Slumber
3. Sand Silence
4. Burning Sand
5. Fist of Stone
6. Sleep

Second Level
1. Growth of Desert Creature
2. Dust Devil
3. Pillar of the Earth
4. Elemental Guide – Earth
5. The Earth Khan's Grasp
6. Fools’ Gold

Third Level
1. Earthen Sword
2. Daevas’ Word
3. Sand Wave
4. Dispel Magic
5. Sandspray
6. Sand Seal

Fourth Level
1. Dig
2. Conjure Sand Lion
3. Stoneskin
4. Primordial Form - Earth
5. Genie's Blessing - Earth
6. Turn Pebble into Boulder

Fifth Level
1. Wall of Stone
2. Conjure Elemental – Earth
3. Transmute Rock to Mud
4. Contact Higher Plane
5. Pass-Wall
6. Stone Shape

Sixth Level
1. Stone to Flesh
2. Move Earth
3. Transmute Water to Dust
4. Sand Shroud
5. Geas
6. Part Sand

Earth Spell Descriptions 

First Level Spells


See OSE Magic Section

Earthen Dagger

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn

The Earth Elementalist changes a handful of sand into a metallic blade ready for combat. 
The weapon is hard like steel, but does not conduct heat and is not magnetic.
The weapon deals 1d4+1 Hit Points of damage and counts as a +1 magical weapon for the purposes of overcoming resistance. 
The blade goes back to sand if; the caster desires it, the caster dies or goes unconscious, or the duration ends.

Sandman’s Slumber

Range: Touch
Duration: 6 rounds

By throwing a pinch of fine sand into the face of a target a magical sleep will come across a single living victim regardless of species, class, or level given that the person normally needs sleep. The target must make a saving throw versus spell or go into a deep slumber.
To awaken a target early they must slapped, wounded, or jostled about. Loud noise will not suffice.
If the victim makes the saving throw, they are still drowsy and automatically go last in the next rounds initiative.
Targets that fail the save are helpless and can be killed instantly.
In combat, a successful attack roll is needed to throw the sand in the target’s face.
Undead are immune to this spell, but Genies and extra-dimensional beings are not.

Sand Silence

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn

The Earth Elementalist transfers the sound of an object or person to a different location by sprinkling two handfuls of sand onto the target. This spell can be avoided with a save versus spell, but many benefit from the spell and the save can be waived.
The spell caused one person or object’s sound to be sent randomly 2d6 miles away. All sounds originating at the target, including the sounds of striking the target are effected. Sounds created by objects on the target, or within, are also transmitted away.
This will not prevent spell casters from casting spells as the sounds are still being generated. This will also not effect noise-based attacks from monsters like a Banshee. 
In combat, the sprinkling of sand might require a successful attack roll.

Terra Ignis

Duration: 6 Turns/level
Range: Touch

This spell turns a handful of dirt/sand into a flammable substance. The sand takes on all the properties of lamp oil, that will continue to burn for the duration of the spell. 
The sand can be used to make a campfire, or a flask of oil projectile weapon. In order to use as a weapon, and attack roll is needed, and then the sand must be ignited.
The flames are odorless/colorless, and if used as a campfire cannot be extinguished by wind, water, or a lack of air.

Stone Hands

Range: 0’
Duration: 6 rounds

The Elementalist coats their hands in rock-hard stone. This gives the caster the equivalent of an 18 STR for the purposes of punching, smashing, or crushing objects and opponents. This will not convey a bonus to the caster hitting something with a weapon, only their fist. 
While this spell is active, the Elementalist cannot cast other spells.

Second Level Spells

Growth of Desert Animal

Range: 120’
Duration: 12 Turns

One non-magical, desert animal that’s home is in the desert may double its size and strength when this spell is cast upon it.
The damage inflicted by the animal is doubled.
The amount of weight that an animal can carry is doubled.

Note: This spell can be used on giant versions of normal animals, but intelligent animals and fantastic monsters are unaffected.

Pillar of the Earth

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn

The caster may create a pillar of solid earth beneath a target that will carry them up into the sky. The top of the pillar is a 10’ radius level circle. For the unwilling, a successful saving throw versus spell will nullify the spell.
The pillar can grow to be 10’ high per level of the caster. If the pillar, or those on top of it meet any form of resistance (like a ceiling) the growth immediately stops. The caster can raise or lower the pillar 10’ per round at will.
The pillar can be attacked and has an AC of 4(15) and has 50 Hit Points. Attacks that “kill” the pillar, dispel magic, or dig will collapse the tower causing those on top to fall.
The caster can collapse the pillar at any time, and the pillar will collapse at the end of the duration. Falling unconscious or dying will not collapse the pillar until the duration is over.

Dust Devil

Range: 120’
Duration: Special

The Earth Elementalist creates a gale of wind that coalesces into a cloud of dust. This cloud’s dust can be shaped into whatever form the caster desires. Examples can include, Dao, a swarm of bats, or a mass of tentacles. 
The cloud is 20’ x 20’ x 20’ cube per level of the caster, and while in the cloud a target is considered fighting in total darkness. 
The Earth Elemenatalist can maintain this spell indefinitely, but must maintain concentration. If the caster’s concentration is broken, the spell will end the following round. 
While concentrating, the caster can move the cloud 30’ per round. 
The spell can only be cast in an area with significant dust, sand, or loose soil. A dusty street, beach, desert, undisturbed tomb, and the like would work. 

Planar Guide – Earth

Duration: 12 Turns
Range: 30’

This summons a tiny elemental to assist the caster in mundane tasks, and guide them on the elemental’s home plane. The guide will take the form of a tiny mote of flame, cluster of pebbles, wisp of fog, or clear puddle. 
The servant must stay within 30’ feet of the caster at all times or will disappear. The guide will follow the caster’s commands without fail. The servant understands the caster’s language, but cannot speak.
The guide can complete mundane tasks like fetch, open doors, hold chairs, as well as chores. It can carry up to 200 coins of weight, and push up to 400 coins of weight on a smooth surface.
The guide cannot fight, and is destroyed if it takes 6 hit points of damage. 
The guide has unerring directions on its home plane and can direct the caster wherever they desire.

Jackal Coins

Range: 30’
Duration: 6 hours

A pile of copper coins or brass objects can be enchanted to appear as gold for a period of time. The pile can be 1’ x 1’ x 1’ feet per level of the caster, about and can contain about 150 “gold” coins. Anyone handling the money is entitled to a saving throw versus spell to negate the effect, with a -1 penalty per level of the caster.
If the gold is struck against iron there is a 30% chance of the coin reverting back to copper. 
Upon casting per 5 GP used as a component reduces the chance of discovery by 1% to a minimum of 1%.

The Earth Khan’s Grasp

Range: 60’
Duration: 9 rounds

The sorcerer creates a large hand out of any earth material (sand, soil, dirt, mud, etc) that attempts to grab and hold a target of the spell. The target is allowed a saving throw versus spell to negate the effects.
If the saving throw is passed there is a 5% chance per level of the caster that the hand will try again until the duration is over.
If the save is missed the target’s movement is reduced to zero, they gain a 2 point AC penalty, - 2 to attack penalty, and they no longer get any bonuses for DEX.
The hand can be attacked and has AC 4(16) and twice the hit points of the caster. If reduced to zero hit points the hand crumbles.
Cannot be cast if earth is not present.

Third Level Spells

Dispel Magic

See OSE Magic Section

Earthen Sword

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn

The Earth Elementalist changes a handful of sand into a metallic blade ready for combat. 
The weapon is hard like steel, but does not conduct heat and is not magnetic.
The weapon deals 2d4+2 Hit Points of damage and counts as a +2 magical weapon for the purposes of overcoming resistance. 
The Elementalist is allowed to use a sword created with this power.
The blade goes back to sand if; the caster desires it, the caster dies or goes unconscious, or the duration ends.

Sand Wave

Range: 240’
Duration: 3 rounds

This spell will allow the caster to move loose soil or sand over a large areas by pouring a handful of liquid onto the ground. 
The sand will flow 10’ per round, and covers an area of 10’ x 10 per level. It can only affect loose earth up to 1’ deep.
It cannot bury large object or creatures, but can cover small objects, corpses roughly human size or less, and can cover tracks.
If used on a slope or dune, it can trigger a sandslide which can bury target using the standard rules.
This spell includes mud, dust, gravel, or topsoil with no plant cover. Cultivated soils will not work.

Daevas’ Word

Range: Touch
Duration Special

This spell allows the Earth Elementalist to speak into a handful of sand/dust/earth and have the message repeated under a given condition that is decided at the time of casting. This could be dust in the bottom of a bottle, sand in front of a given house, or earth in the beginning of a dungeon.
At the time of casting the Earth Elementalist must determine the trigger for the spell. Examples include, “when the wise woman with a limp crosses the doorway” or “when a person opens the stoppered bottle”. The triggered event must be 90’ from the actual sand/dust/earth. When triggered anyone within 20’ can hear the message.
The wizard must create a message that is no longer than 5 words per level of the caster, and it will be repeated verbatim.
The voice of the sand/dust/earth is raw, throaty and male or female, the caster’s choice.
The words spoken can trigger a spell, if the spell does not require any verbal components.

Sand Jet

Range: 120’
Duration: Instant

This spell creates a jet of raw sand (5’ x 5’ x 30’) to surround the target blinding them and causing damage. The target is allowed a save versus spell to half the damage, but they are still blinded for 1d4+1 rounds.
The jet does 1d6 Hit Points of damage per two levels (round down) of the caster.

Earthen Door

Range: 60’
Duration: Special

The Elementalist throws a hand of sand into a doorway with the intention of sealing the portal. The sand swirls and creates a solid barrier.
The barrier has an AC 7(13) and 1d6 Hit Points per level of the caster. Once the barrier is reduced to zero Hit Points, it crumbles. 
If any attack rolls a 1 on their attack, the weapon shatters. If it was a natural weapon, like fist or claw, the attacker takes 1d6 hit points of damage.

Fourth Level Spells


Range: 90’
Duration: 1 Turn

The spell allows an Elemetalist to move large amounts of earth, sand, or mud, while holding a miniature version of a shovel and bucket. Creatures that are within 1’ of the pit when it opens must make a saving throw versus spell or fall into the pit.
The caster can move 125 cubic feet of earth, sand, or mud per round, this a 5’ x 5’ x 5’ hole if done evenly. After the first round the caster can start a new hole, or continue with the same hole. After 20’ deep, there is a 15% chance of the pit collapsing. A new check is rolled for each 5’ beyond 20’ in depth.
If a pit collapses with a person inside, the victim must make a saving throw verses death or be buried. 
Tunneling with the spell is possible, but the chances of collapsing are doubled.
The spell is also effective verses creatures of earth and rock, like creatures from the Elemental Plane of Earth. When cast upon those creatures they suffer 4d6 Hit Points of damage, though a successful saving throw versus spell will half the damage.


Range: Touch
Duration: Special

By sprinkling 250 GP of diamond dust over a target, their body becomes as hard as stone. This will protect them from attacks from various weapons and projectiles.
When cast the spell will block 1d4 attacks, plus 1 attack per two levels of the caster. Attacks do not need to roll to hit, the number of attacks is just subtracted from the Elementalist pool. Example: A tiger has 2 claw attacks and 1 bite. If the tiger attacked someone with Stoneskin, the tiger would not roll to hit, but subtract 3 uses of Stoneskin. 
The spell does not block magical spells. Any spell cast at the person with Stoneskin will do full damage and remove a use of Stoneskin. Example: An Elementalist is struck by 3 Magic Missiles. This spell would do full damage, and subtract 3 uses of Stoneskin.

Summon Sand Tiger

Range: 30’
Duration: 1 Turn

The Earth Elementalist can summon a large, female tiger formed out of earth and sand which will do their commands and defend them. When the Sand Tiger is first summoned it issues forth a loud roar.
The Sand Tiger has the same statistics as a Tiger with full Hit Points and the Sand Tiger will fight to the death. The caster does not have to maintain concentration to keep the cat 
The caster can give the Sand Tiger mental commands, and can “see” through the Sand Tiger’s eyes. 
The Sand Tiger is immune to charm, hold, and sleep spells. Also is immune to gas attacks.
The Sand Tiger can serve as a mount, with its normal movement.

Primordial Form - Earth

Duration: 1 hour
Range: Creature Touched

The caster or one creature that is touched takes on the visage of a planar earth elemental. If the target is unwilling, they can make a saving throw versus spell to negate. A bit of the essence of an Dao is required to casts this spell.
The target of the spell can move through fire without damage or penalty. They also move at a rate of 60’(20’).
The caster keeps all of their statistics except for their AC become 4(16), unless it is better. They also can use their hands as weapons that do 1d8 damage.

Genie’s Blessing – Earth

Duration: 1 hour/level
Range: Touch

This spell can be cast on one creature per level of the caster and it allows them to suffer no ill effects from traveling in the Elemental Plane of Earth. This blessing can be bestowed by any of the types of genies, and it extends the duration to an entire week.
This spell is a ritual that takes one turn to cast. The caster must kiss the forehead of all recipients and sprinkle them with sulfur.

Turn Pebble to Boulder*

Range: Touch
Duration: Special

The caster is able to change ordinary pebbles into a weapon of giant proportion. As the pebble is hurled into the air it grows to the size of a boulder. 
The caster throws the pebble and uses their own attack skill to hit the target. The boulder is considered a grenade-like weapon and on a miss the DM should randomly determine where it lands. The range of the throw is 50’ plus 10’ per level and anyone hit by the boulder takes 3d6+8 points of damage.
The caster can create an additional boulder at levels 10 and 13. The duration of the spell is a number of rounds equal to the number of boulders created, so the caster can throw 1 per round.
The spell can be reversed and the caster can reduce up to level naturally formed rocks, into pebbles. The rocks cannot exceed 10’ x 10’ x 10’ in size, and the change is permanent unless dispelled.

Fifth Level Spells

Transmute Rock to Mud

See OSE Magic Section

Conjure Elemental – Earth Only

See OSE Magic Section

Wall of Stone

See OSE Magic Section

Contact Higher Plane

See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section

Stone Shape

Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent

The caster is able to mold and shape an existing piece of stone into a new form. In the caster’s hands the stone has a consistency of clay, and can be shaped in the same fashion. 
The caster can shape 1’ x 1’ x 1’ per level of the caster. 
If the caster tries to make a device with moving parts roll 1d6, on a roll of 1 or 2 it will not work.

Sixth Level Spells

Move Earth

See OSE Magic Section

Flesh to Stone

See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section

Transmute Water to Dust*

Range: 180’
Duration: Instant

The Earth Elementalist can cast this spell over an area and instantly turn all water into dust by scattering diamond dust worth 500 GP into the body of water.
• The caster can effect an area of 10’ x 10’ x 10’ per level of the caster. If the liquid is already muddy, the effect is doubled. If the target is mud, the effect is quadrupled.
• Any liquid that contains any water is effected including potions.
• Living creatures are unaffected. Creatures that are native to the Elemental Plane of Water receive a saving throw versus spell. Failure of the save causes 1d6 Hit Points of damage per level of the caster, a successful save reduces the damage by half.
• This spell is reversible. 


Range: 240’
Duration: Instant

The spell is cast upon loose earth or sand to open a chasm underneath an object or an undead creature, then instantly close. The spell can effect up to 1 creature or object per level of the caster.
The target must be dead, undead, or never have lived.
The target cannot be more than twice the size of a man.
The target is buried 60’ deep.
Must be used on sand or dirt, cannot be used on cultivated land or stone.
If the target is intelligent undead, animated magical item, or a creature that can become gaseous, they will be imprisoned for 2d8 rounds.

Cleave the Hill

Range: 240’
Duration: 1 Turn

This spell allows the caster to part a prominence of sand, gravel, or loose dirt (a dune, hill, knoll, or rise, but not a depression) creating a 20’ wide trough. The length of the trough is 10’ per level of the caster, and can go 3’ deep per level of the caster.
If the spell hits a solid rock it stops at that point.
Earth based creatures or creatures that can meld with earth can be attacked with the spell. The creatures will be struck for 4d8 hit points of damage. The creature then makes a saving throw versus spell, if failed, they go last in initiative for 1d6 rounds.  
Any solid object buried in the path of the spell is uncovered and settle to the bottom of the trough.

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