Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New Monster for OSE and BX - Yakmen


Inherently evil yak-humanoids that have grave magical powers and control of the Dao.

Armor Class​ 5 [16]
Hit Dice​ 5 (20 hp) Priest 5+*
Attacks​ 1 × 1d8  or by weapon
THAC0​ 14 [+5]
Movement Rate​ 60’ (20’)
Saves​ D6 W7 P8 B10 S10 (Dw 5)
Morale​ 8 (10 with priest)
Alignment​ Chaotic
XP for Defeating ​175 (priest 400)
Number Appearing​ 1d4
Treasure Type​ E

  • Magically Adept: All yakmen have some ability with magic and can use any magical item, even if it is designed for a certain class. 1 in 10 yakmen have a magical staff. They also receive a +2 to all saves versus spell.
  • Priest: Yakmen typically travel with a priest. The priest’s statistics do not change, but cast spells as a cleric between levels 1-10.
  • Summon Dao: Yakmen can summon a Dao into servitude as long as it does not have one already in service. The Dao must serve until the task is complete or 48 hours, whichever comes first. Dao hate this service and will attempt to undermine their summoner’s commands. No Dao may hurt any Yakmen directly, even if commanded by another master.
  • Possession: Yakmen can complete a ritual taking two full turns to “crawl inside” another humanoid’s body and control them. The victim must be restrained and physical contact must be maintained the entirety of the ritual. At the end of the ritual the victim can make a saving throw vs spell at a -2 penalty to resist. The yakman has access to all of the victim’s memories and thoughts. The yakman possessing a body cannot be detected by any magical means, but the effect can be dispelled. At any time, regardless of distance, the yakman can return to their body.

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