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Water Spells 2.0

Spells are for the revised Elemental Sorcerer 2.0.

Water Spells Revised 2.0

First Level
1. Water’s Blessing
2. Wall of Fog
3. Watertight
4. Transmute Liquids
5. Water Vision
6. Grease

Second Level
1. Depth Gauge
2. True Direction
3. Fog Cloud
4. Planar Guide – Water
5. Desert's Kiss
6. Acid Rain

Third Level
1. Speak with Sea Creatures
2. Stone Ship
3. Water Breathing
4. Dispel Magic
5. Watery Assassin
6. Clairvoyance

Fourth Level
1. Wall of Ice
2. Solid Fog
3. Strengthen Water Creature
4. Primordial Form – Water
5. Genie's Blessing - Water
6. Ice Storm

Fifth Level
1. Conjure Elemental – Water
2. Marid Blast
3. Transmute Rock to Mud
4. Air Bubble
5. Contact Higher Plane
6. Bend Water

Sixth Level
1. Part Water
2. Lower Water
3. Call the Water Currents
4. Feebleship
5. Freezing Sphere
6. Stir the Blood

Water Spell Descriptions

First Level Spells

Water’s Blessing

Range: Touch
Duration: 24 hours

For the duration of the spell the target does not suffer the effects of heat exhaustion, sunstroke, or dehydration. This will allow a person to wear armor without the negative effects of the heat. 


Range: Touch
Duration: 24 hours

For the duration of the spell the target, person or object, is prevented from getting wet in any way. 
Will not prevent a person from drowning in water, only not getting wet.
Will not protect the target from acids and poisons.
Objects become completely waterproof for the duration. Often used to keep food dry on ship voyages.

Wall of Fog (From OSE Druid and Illusionist Spells)

Range: 60’
Duration: 1 turn

A wall of roiling vapor is conjured at a location of the caster’s choosing within range.
The fog bank fills a 10’ cube area per level of the caster.
The wall of fog blocks normal vision and infravision
A strong wind can clear the fog before the spell’s duration has expired.

Transmute Liquids

Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent 

The spell allows the caster to change non-magical liquid into another non-magical liquid. Thus an Elementalist could change a gallon of blood into a gallon of oil. The caster must touch the liquid and can convert 1’ x 1’ x 1’ cube of liquid per level of the caster.
If cast upon a creature from the Elemental Plane of Water it will do 1d4 hit points of damage per level of the caster. The creature can make a saving throw versus spell to reduce the damage in half.


Range: 30’
Duration: 6 Rounds

Conjuring a lard like substance over a 10’ x 10’ area the caster can cause enemies to slip and fall. Anyone who is in the area or enters the area must make a saving throw versus spell to prevent the target(s) from falling.
The spell can also be used to target a single item. If the item is held or picked up, there is a saving throw versus spell, or fumble the item.

Water Vision

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn

The spell enables the target to see perfectly into and through water as if they were on land.

Second Level Spells

True Direction

Range: Special
Duration: 1 turn

The spell allows the caster to pinpoint the direction to a landmark or familiar site. This gives the caster a mental compass to the desired city, town, significant land feature, or the like.
The caster must have visited the location before the casting of the spell.
The location must be on the same plane as the caster.
Distance is not a factor, but the spell gives direction, not distance.
If the location is concealed by magic or no longer exists, the spell fails.
The spell will not work on a living person, or a movable object.

Depth Gauge

Range: Special
Duration: 12 hours

The Water Elementalist casts the spell aboard a ship to alert them to sudden changes in depth. The information can change as a result of a reef, shoal, or large, underwater monster coming towards the ship.
The caster can monitor up to 10’ of depth per level of the caster.
The caster can center the spell on the middle of the boat, or up to 40’ in front of the boat.
If the spell probes and find something, it will “tell” the caster, even waking them from a nature sleep.

Fog Cloud

Range: 30’
Duration: 1 turn

A wall of roiling vapor is conjured at a location of the caster’s choosing within range. The spell can be cast 2 ways.
The fog bank fills a 20’ cube area per level of the caster as a larger version of wall of fog.
The wall of fog blocks normal vision and infravision
The spell can be cast and mimics the look of the Cloudkill spell with yellow-greenish vapors, without the poisonous effects. Anyone who knows about the Cloudkill spell will react appropriately.
If used as a mimic of Cloudkill it will be a cloud 40’x20’x20’ that moves away from the caster at 10’ per round.
A strong wind can clear the fog before the spell’s duration has expired.

Planar Guide – Water

Duration: 12 Turns
Range: 30’

This summons a tiny elemental to assist the caster in mundane tasks, and guide them on the elemental’s home plane. The guide will take the form of a tiny mote of flame, cluster of pebbles, wisp of fog, or clear puddle. 
The servant must stay within 30’ feet of the caster at all times or will disappear. The guide will follow the caster’s commands without fail. The servant understands the caster’s language, but cannot speak.
The guide can complete mundane tasks like fetch, open doors, hold chairs, as well as chores. It can carry up to 200 coins of weight, and push up to 400 coins of weight on a smooth surface.
The guide cannot fight, and is destroyed if it takes 6 hit points of damage. 
The guide has unerring directions on its home plane and can direct the caster wherever they desire.

Desert’s Kiss

Range: 30’
Duration: 6 rounds

The Elementalist focuses on drawing out the liquids in a person’s body dehydrating them and forcing them to look for liquids to consume. The victim is allowed a saving throw versus spell to negate the effect.
If the victim fails, they will spend the entirety of their actions for the duration of the spell consuming all potable liquids on their person. This includes magic potions, but nothing the target perceives as poison.

Acid Rain

Range: 120’
Duration: 1 round/level

The caster summons a rain cloud that pours down acid rain upon an area of 5’ radius per level of the caster. This rain will cause damage to any person that remains in the area though they get a save versus spell to half the damage. The caster needs a small vial of pure water that slowly turns into acid at the end of the spell’s duration.
If using Descending AC, the rain does damage equal to the target’s AC.
If using Ascending AC, the rain does damage equal to 20 minus the target’s AC.  

Third Level Spells

Water Breathing

See OSE Magic Section


See OSE Magic Section

Dispel Magic

See OSE Magic Section

Speak with Sea Creatures

Range: 30’
Duration: 6 Turns

The caster can communicate with sea creatures within range when the spell is cast.
Any sea creature that has “animal” intelligence or higher.
The caster can ask questions of and receive answers from sea creatures, although the spell does not make the sea creatures any more friendly or cooperative than normal (a reaction roll may be required).
Sea creatures that are favorable to the caster may perform some favors or tasks.

Stone Ship

Range: 120’
Duration: 6 turns

The Water Elementalist strengthens a ship’s hull to be the consistency of stone, but still remains buoyant.
The ship’s hull points are increased by 20% (round up).
The ship’s AC is improved by 2 points.
The ship’s speed is reduced by half.
The ship’s hull radiates an aura of magic which is noticeable.

Water Assassin

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round per level/max 10 rounds

The Elementalist finds a pool of liquid, between a wine glass and an ocean, with which to cast the spell. The next person who stares into the liquid will have their reflection grow out of the water into an exact double. 
One round after it appears it will attack its double, and only there double, with the same characteristics as the original (Hit Points, Thac0, etc), except an AC 5(15). 
If the double hits the original, it merges with the original covering their entire body in liquid. This causes the original to make a saving throw versus spell. 
If the save succeed, the double “dies” and the spell ends.
If the spell fails, the original suffers 1d8 hit points of damage as they drown. They will continue to drown until the double is killed, or the duration of the spell ends.
Striking the double while merged does an equal amount of damage to the original. 
Part Water, Lower Water, or Transmute Water to Dust will destroy the double instantly.

Fourth Level Spells

Wall of Ice

See OSE Magic Section

Solid Fog (See OSE Druid and Illusionist Spells)

Duration: 1 turn
Range: 60’

A wall of roiling vapor appears at a location of the caster’s choosing within range.
The fog bank fills a 10’ cube area per level of the caster.
The Solid Fog blocks normal vision and infravision.
Creatures moving through the fog move at one quarter of their normal movement rate.
Only very strong winds can clear the fog before the spell’s duration has expired.
A large area of magical fire can dissipate the fog in one round.

Strengthen Water Creature 

Range: 120’
Duration: 1 Turn

This spell enhances creatures of a watery nature making them look and act in a tougher manner.
The spell can only target creatures that live in water or can breathe water, or are native to the Elemental Plane of Water. Examples include: Water Weirds, sea monoliths, fish, ocean going mammals and Water Elementals. This does not include creatures that can cast magic to breathe underwater or use water-based magic.
Targets of the spell get a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage. If the target does multiple dice of damage, it gets a +1 to damage per die rolled.
Creatures that are native to the Elemental Plane of Water gain a +1 to Hit Points per Hit Die of the creature.
This spell is reversible and is called Weaken Water Creature.

Primordial Form - Water

Duration: 1 hour
Range: Creature Touched

The caster or one creature that is touched takes on the visage of a planar water elemental. If the target is unwilling, they can make a saving throw versus spell to negate. A bit of the essence of a Marid is required to casts this spell.
The target of the spell can move through water without damage or penalty. They also move at a rate of 60’(20’).
The caster keeps all of their statistics except for their AC become 4(16), unless it is better. They also can use their hands as weapons that do 1d8 damage.

Genie’s Blessing – Water

Duration: 1 hour/level
Range: Touch

This spell can be cast on one creature per level of the caster and it allows them to suffer no ill effects from traveling in the Elemental Plane of Water. This blessing can be bestowed by any of the types of genies, and it extends the duration to an entire week.
This spell is a ritual that takes one turn to cast. The caster must kiss the forehead of all recipients and sprinkle them with sulfur.

Ice Storm

Range: 240’
Duration: 1 round/level

The caster summons forth a massive winter storm that can have one of two effects.
One of the effects is a 40’ diameter hail storm. Any creature in the storm will take 3d10 hit points of damage each round. 
The second effect is an 80’ diameter sleet storm. Creatures in the sleet storm are blinded, have their movement reduced by 50%, and have a 50% chance of falling down. The sleet storm will put out small fires and torches. 

Fifth Level Spells

Conjure Elemental – Water Elemental Only

See OSE Magic Section

Transmute Rock to Mud

See OSE Magic Section

Contact Higher Plane

See OSE Magic Section

Marid Blast

Range: 120’
Duration: Instant

The Water Elementalist uncorks a container of water and sends it hurling towards an opponent’s face where they must make a saving throw versus spell or be blinded.
The spell is hits unerringly (no roll to hit or saving throw needed).
The blast hits for 2d6 hit points of damage.
If the saving throw is failed, the opponent is blinded for 1d6 rounds.
The water in the container decides what kind of water is used in the attack; water, salt, muddy, or holy.
Holy water does double damage (4d6) to undead, in addition to causing a saving throw to blinding them.
You cannot use acids, poisons, or other liquids with this spells.

Air Bubble

Range: 0’
Duration: 1 Turn/Level

A giant bubble (10’ sphere radius or 15’ hemisphere radius) center on the caster allows a breathable atmosphere and allows travel underwater.
No water-breathing creatures will not enter the bubble. 
The spell is able to be cast while underwater.

Bend Water

Range: 120’
Duration: 1d10 rounds

The caster is able to shape water into forms and even send waves of water towards their enemies. The spell effects 10’ x 10’ x 10’ cube per level of the caster. If the spell is used as a weapon, the victim gets a saving throw versus spell for half damage.
Forming the water into a weapon like blast does 1d4 hit points of damage per level of the caster.
The caster must maintain concentration to keep this ending.

Sixth Level Spells

Part Water

See OSE Magic Section

Lower Water

See OSE Magic Section

Stir the Blood

Range: 240’
Duration: 12 Turns

The Elementalist activates the water in their own blood to create spies. The caster cuts themselves and 1d6 drops of blood can be animated. Once activated the caster can control the drops of blood and can see and hear through the blood.
The blood drops can act independently and move 60’ per round.
The caster can switch between the drops and see and hear through them one at a time.
The blood can squeeze through extremely small cracks and holes.
The blood can be ordered to attack, and strikes as a 5th level fighter. If the attack hits, but not by a margin above the number by 4, it bounces off the target. If it does beat the margin, it finds a crack and slithers into the victim’s eyes, mouth, or ears. It then begins to burn, doing 1d6 hit points of damage each round for four rounds.
Holy water can be used to destroy the blood drops, and can be poured into the entry spot to stop the damage. If the blood is destroyed by holy water, the caster takes 1 hit point of damage per droplet.

Freezing Sphere

Range: Special
Duration: Special

This spell can cast in three different manners, each having unique effects. 

The caster can form a small stone-size ball of ice. This ball of ice can be thrown up to 40’ or used in a sling. Upon impact, the ice explodes doing 6d6 hit points of damage in a 10’ radius. Those in the area can make a saving throw versus spell for half the damage. The stone must be used in under 12 rounds before it melts. The component used for this spell is a diamond worth 1,000 GP.
The caster can fire a beam of cold at a single target. The target gets a saving throw versus spell which will completely negate the effect. The save indicates that the beam misses and continues striking the next available target until it hits a target that fails the save, hits a solid object (i.e. a wall), or runs out of range (30’ per level of caster). If the target fails the save the beam does 1d4+2 damage per level of the caster. The component used for this spell is a diamond worth 1,000 GP.
The caster can form a small ball of ice and throw it into a body of water. It will instantly freeze 100 square feet of water per level of the caster, up to 6 inches thick. The component used for this spell is a diamond worth 1,000 GP.

Call the Water Currents

Range: 240’
Duration: 12 turns

The Water Elementalist influences currents in the sea and other bodies of water, this enables the caster to move objects over the water and under the surface.
The caster can move a ship its base movement in calm or adverse conditions. It can also cut a ship’s movement in half, until the caster moves out of range.
Objects or creatures floating on the surface can be moved 60’ per round. Objects underwater weighing up to 20 pounds per level, can be moved 30’ per round.
Creatures can be pulled underwater by a strong undertow. Swimmers must make a STR check at a -2 modifier each round, or continue to be pulled underwater. 


Range: 360’
Duration: 12 Turns

This spell is a specialized version of the Feeblemind spell that affects an entire ship rendering them ineffective. If cast on a ship, the captain makes a save for the entire ship. If the captain fails, it is considered that all members of the ship is affected. Player Characters and any non-crew are always allowed an induvial save. 
If the spell save fails, the entire crew forgets their specialized skills and is treated as a landlubber for the duration of the spell. The captain might be yelling gibberish, the navigator cannot read charts, and sailors cannot trim sails or fix problems. They still can defend themselves if boarded, but not in an organized fashion.
If the captain is knocked unconscious, tied up, or somehow “released” from command the new (possibly temporary) captain will have to make a new save.

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