Monday, August 12, 2019

Elemental Sorcerer Version 2.0

This is a refined version of the Elemental Sorcerer. I got some feedback that the original might be too powerful for B/X and too close to AD&D. Did I take the criticism well? Um...No. Not at first. How could I get something wrong like this? Looking at it again, they were correct.

This is a toned down version with an expanded spell list. The Elemental Sorcerers do get some bonuses, it is balanced with a smaller spell selection (6 Spells per Level) and limited magic items.

The Universal spells were removed, and now it is just the four elements. Each element's spells were doubled, with plenty more completely fresh spells. Hoping this version is a bit better.

Let me know.

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Fire Spells Revised 2.0
Elemental Sorcerer

Requirements: Minimum INT 9
Prime requisite: INT
Hit Dice: 1d4
Armor: None
Weapons: Dagger
Languages: Common, Planar Language Matching Element

                Elemental Sorcerers have dedicated themselves to mastering one of nature’s elements through magic. Elemental Sorcerers have thrown off the conventional wisdom of traditional magic and their schools. In fact, most Elemental Sorcerers would say you really cannot truly learn their magic in a school, only in nature itself. In the Sorcerer’s worldview all magic falls into two major categories, traditional magic and elemental magic. Elemental magic is further divided into the four major elements; Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.
                Among their own, the Sorcerers are often at odds with one another. Conflicts that originate in the Elemental Planes can spill into the Prime Material Plane. They will not tolerate outsiders, especially practitioners of traditional magic, treating one of the Elementalist with disrespect. This professional rivalry between the traditional magic users and Elemental Sorcerers is as old as magic itself. You can often find many Sorcerers working with the populace in given professions. Water Sorcerers often are working aboard ships and on the docks, Earth Sorcerers are often farming and helping in construction projects, Air Sorcerers are often work with messengers and traders, and Fire Sorcerers are often work with the military and mercenaries.

Prime requisites: A Sorcerer with at least 13 INT receives a 5% bonus to experience points, if they have a 16 INT they receive a 10% bonus to experience points.

Alignment: Any

Elemental Sorcerers cannot wear armor and can use daggers.

Elemental Specialization
Elemental Sorcerers must pick one of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, this is their primary element. That selection will dictate their ability to gain spells and they may only pick spells from their specific Element Magic List. They may not learn spells from any other elemental spell list.

Elemental Resistance
Sorcerers resists their primary element better than most. Any saving throw that a Sorcerer has to make from their primary element receives a +2 bonus. Any damage that the Sorcerer receives from their primary element does 1 less damage per die (minimum 1 damage). The damage die reduction is completed before any possible reduction from a saving throw.

Elemental Weakness
Elemental Sorcerers with their focus in one particular element leaves them particularly vulnerable to attacks from their elemental opposite. Earth and Air are opposites, as are Water and Fire. When an Elemental Sorcerer is effected by a spell from an opposite element they have a -2 penalty to saving throws.

Elemental Force
Sorcerers are extremely powerful with their primary element and often can cast the spells with higher efficiency than traditional magicians. Any time a Sorcerer casts a spell and that spell inflicts damage, the damage is increased 1 point per die rolled.

Elemental Knowledge
If using the optional rule, Spell Books and Learning Spells, the Sorcerer get a bonus 20% to learning spells due to their focus in one area.

Item Aversion
Elemental Sorcerers cannot use any magic item, scroll, or potion that mimics the effects of a non-primary elemental spell. Thus, a Water Elementalist cannot use a Wand of Fireballs.

Also, this is a very close adaption of the Elemental Mage from the Al-Qadim setting, which I know and love.

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